Richard Deal – Piano Teacher

I have taught lessons online to my students here in California as well as students in Illinois.  With today’s technology, you can take lessons anywhere in the world provided you have the motivation and a smart phone, tablet or computer! You will also need a piano or a keyboard, of course.

I started teaching piano in high school before attending the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago, where I received the Bachelor of Music Degree in Piano Performance. .  I attended the Moody Bible Institute and received the Master of Music Degree in Piano Performance from the Sherwood Conservatory of Music in Chicago.

I played the piano in church and in classical concerts, including a number of piano concertos with orchestra.  I played concerts at Chicago’s historic Orchestra Hall and at the Cultural Center in Hong Kong, China.  Besides teaching piano, I have accompanied soloists and choirs, performed many concerts in churches and in solo recitals, and conducted choirs and ensembles, both vocal and instrumental.

I want to instill the love of music and the creativity and discipline of learning an instrument in students, whether it be the piano, voice, or another instrument.  Understanding theory and how music is designed and created is an integral part of the learning process. I love teaching proper technique, so that a person can make and enjoy music for a lifetime.

I teach children, teens, and adults.  Home-schoolers and seniors are welcome with flexible schedules. Contact me with any questions you have!  Call 619-567-9085