Good technique is essential

Good piano technique is essential to playing any instrument, including voice, successfully. To play piano for life, learning the fundamentals of proper technique has to start from the beginning.  Even if you did not learn it from the start, it is very beneficial to your long term health to begin now.  Good technique will enable you to play without discomfort for as long as you want to ply your craft!

New Website

G. Richard Deal, Pianist and Teacher, announces a new website called East County Piano Studio ( in the greater El Cajon, CA area.  Mr. Deal has been teaching for many years and has had students that have pursued music as a career, people that wanted to continue to learn piano after being away from it for awhile, and new students from 3 years old to 77 years old or beyond.  If you are interested in learning piano or coming back to the piano, please see my contact area and have a good day today!